Eunice and Norman

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The story goes...

"We love because he first loved us." 1 John 4:19 (ESV)

According to Eunice, "I was just being nice, keeping him company on the beginners' slopes. Who knew he noticed me in 'that way'? Next thing I know, after some tri-training and more snowboarding he asked me out. I said 'no'. He asked again. I said 'pray about it'. He did and so did I. A few months later, we became an item. Three semesters later, we are engaged."

Norman's version of how it went..."She was pretty and I just stalked her all day on the snowboard trip. Then she talked me into doing a tri and conveniently shows up at places when I'm training. Once at the lake at sunset and tried drowning me, then another time on the street while running and tried to get me arrested. Since I didn't drown or get arrested I asked her out. She said no. Then I asked again with a "PINK" rose and for sure she said "NO" again. She said "pray about it" and we did. A few months later we became a couple."
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